Graphics Designer

Job Description:

1. Develop visually appealing designs for NamaaIT's digital presence across social media channels, including Facebook posts, website banners, and PowerPoint presentations.

2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather design requirements and align them with NamaaIT's branding guidelines.

3. Create intuitive and engaging user interactions and visual designs for mobile applications and websites.

4. Stay updated on the latest visual design trends, industry standards, and best practices in the mobile design field.

5. Conduct research to track advancements in visual designs and seek inspiration from parallel analogous worlds.

6. Provide strategic thinking and leadership in the design process, from concept development to the final execution.

7. Ensure that all digital design deliverables are of high quality, visually appealing, and meet project objectives.

8. Collaborate with the marketing team to create compelling visual content that drives engagement and conveys key messages effectively.

9. Participate in the full development process, including definition, design, build, test, release, and maintenance.

10. Showcase a portfolio of previous design work, including mobile applications and website designs, demonstrating creativity, expertise, and proficiency in design tools.


Note: This job description highlights the primary responsibilities and requirements for the Graphics Designer role at NamaaIT, focusing on creating designs for our digital presence across various channels. It is essential to provide examples of previous design work or share a Behance account to showcase your capabilities.

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