Polaris E-Commerce system

Polaris E-Commerce system

Polaris E-Commerce system

Polaris E-Commerce system

The transition to e-commerce and the establishment of an online store is one of the main important and urgent goals of many businessmen and business owners of commercial and industrial businesses because of the multiple opportunities that are not available in the normal ways of displaying products in showrooms and shops.

Therefore, we will show up the advantages of e-commerce store , and why you should have an online e-commerce  store, and why you choose to have your online store on the Polaris system:

1. The online store (e-commerce store) is a new marketing tool and global statistics telling us  that relying on it as an additional marketing channel increases your sales by 20% per year.

2. Easy access to new customers in further geographic areas.

3. The possibility of making marketing campaigns on the online store and targeting new  clients and different target audience .

4. Small cost compared to the cost of rents and labor in the showrooms.

5. After Covid-19, it became the safest and most widespread method in global trade


Additional features with the Polaris platform:

1. A private ecommerce store  with your brand and competitors are not sharing  it with you and you are not paying commissions to other platforms .

2. The easy capability of adding and modifying categories, items, prices, pictures and specifications at any time.

3. Based on the previous point, we can reduce the cost of printout materials , especially when changing prices for your menu periodically .

4. Making discounts on product prices, special offers and promotional advertisements for products on the Polaris platform.

5. You can use the online store as an “Interactive Catalog” to display your products and Menu within your showroom or restaurant .

6. The system of receiving orders and orders and transferring them directly to the delivery companies or your delivery employee .

7. The availability of using Visa, MasterCard, Knet or any other payment method in any country.

8. Add the addresses and data of your company's branches with GPS locations for easy access directly.

9. A system for calculating the cost of delivery in different regions.

10. Multi-language and supports Arabic and English as primary languages, with the ability to request other languages.

11. The application works on the Google Play platform and the Apple Store, as well as the E-Commerece website .
12. The ability to change the default language of the application and the website from the main control panel.
13. The ability to change the currency from the main control panel.
14. Multi-user, where employees (users) can be added to the system for receiving orders, follow up for each employee individually.
15. Financial reports for the management for financial follow-up.
16. Dashboard, statistics, graphs and heat map for senior management.
17. Sending promotional messages directly to customers on the applications and the website through the main control panel.
18. Authenticate the registered mobile numbers of customers by sending authentication messages and verifying the validity of the registered numbers.
And there are many additional features, just request a demo and an interactive explanation from the Polaris sales team, the most suitable electronic platform for switching to e-commerce and one of Namaa’s technical products

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